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The Best Outdoors Shows On Netflix

Netflix has a little something for everyone, including content for lovers of the outdoors! Whether you love hunting, fishing, or simply being outside, you'll find something on the streaming service worth your while. We picked out a few series that you might want to check out next time you're feeling hunger for the great wide somewhere.


In this show, outdoorsman Steven Rinella and his gang of hunting companions essentially hang out while they hunt and entertain viewers along the way. Rinella made a name for himself on the Travel Channel's The Wild Within and didn't disappoint in this series, either. You'll also be interested to know that all ten seasons of this show are on Netflix -- with an eleventh on the horizon.

'The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter'

Care for some Josh Brolin with your hunting? This original Netflix film follows the fictional story of disgraced hunter Buck Ferguson (Josh Brolin) as he embarks upon an unforgettable adventure with his son Jaden (Montana Jordan). A little bit comedy, a little bit drama, the film is more of a love letter to lovers of the outdoors than an unforgettable homage to unforgettable filmmaking. This is one of those curl-up-on-the-couch movies!

'Stars In the Sky: A Hunting Story'

Another Steven Rinella production, this documentary follows the lives of a very particular group of Rinella's hunting buddies. A transparent exploration of hunting, both its controversies and its strong points, Stars in the Sky is essential viewing for those who feel the call of the wild.

'You Vs. Wild'

Fans of Bear Grylls may already be familiar with this "choose your own adventure" style show, which pits Grylls against the elements and asks viewers to choose his paths. The Bandersnatch-style (IYKYK) adventure is great fun for anyone who likes surprises.

Finally, if you somehow burn through all four of the above shows, you can check out any of the following outdoors-adjacent series, currently streaming on Netflix: Battlefish, Our Great National Parks, Night on Earth, Our Planet, Southern Survival, Alone, and Tales By Light. Battlefish is perfect for fishing enthusiasts; National Parks, Night on Earth, and Our Planet are great for nature lovers; and Southern Survival, Alone, and Tales By Light are perfect for lovers of Bear Grylls-style survival series.

And now that you have your viewing schedule planned out, it's time to kick back, relax, and bust out the popcorn!

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