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Miranda Lambert Calls Husband Brendan McLoughlin's Critiques 'Harsh'

Miranda Lambert is an award-winning country icon and superstar. But not even the most luminous stars can evade criticism -- not even from their husbands. Case in point: Lambert, who just began a new Las Vegas residency, has revealed that her husband Brendan McLoughlin offers honest, "harsh" critiques of all her performances. Sometimes, friendly fire can hurt the most! Or does it?

He Has Notes!

Lambert's Las Vegas residency, Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo, is off to an exciting start -- and she's soaking in the praise. But she's also been inviting criticism from sources close to home.

The 38-year-old singer-songwriter told Entertainment Tonight recently that her husband, former New York police officer Brendan McLoughlin, often "gives his notes" after her performances. But she doesn't totally hate it.

'He Has A Lot Of Opinions'

“He has a lot of opinions and I cherish them because he’s seen so many shows and he’s in it,” she told ET. “But he’s also on the outside of it because he’s not on the stage or not part of the crew really, so I take his notes to heart.”

Spoken like a true artist and professional! And as someone with over two decades of experience under her belt, Lambert surely knows when to accept and reject criticism.

'He Can Be Harsh Sometimes'

However, McLoughlin doesn't pull his punches, for Lambert added: "You know, he can be harsh sometimes. He’ll tell me the truth, which that is what I love about him."

Lambert believes that she will actually continue to collaborate with her husband in the future, as he can provide an opinion and perspective that none of her yes men (and yes women) can offer her.

"He’s kinda new to it, and I’ve been in it for so long," she said. "It’s my catalog we’re talking about, so sometimes I need outside ears to give me sort of new, fresh blood in the set and in my creative process."

Living In Harmony

By all accounts, the romantic and creative partnership is working for both individuals right now, so Lambert's fans can be assured that her Vegas residency will continue to fire on all cylinders. According to Lambert, McLoughlin has been suggesting additions to her set list that will make the show even better.

One thing he won't need to add, though, is fire. The show already has a lot of it!

"I get to have a lot of fire on the stage," Lambert told ET. "And I've never done that before, except at award shows and stuff. I've never taken fire on tour, so this is like a treat to, every night, just get to like blow stuff up."

Sounds like a blast!

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