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Busch Unveils New Turkey-Flavored Beer For Dogs

Since it launched Busch Light Apple in 2020, Busch has become more inventive with its entries into the craft beer game. That same year, it even released Dog Brew, a "beer" for dogs -- one that would keep your canine companion safe, of course. But now, Busch has decided that Dog Brew isn't artisanal enough, so they've released the turkey-flavored Busch Light Turkey Brew. Think of it as craft beer for dogs with refined tastebuds.

Just Like Dog Brew, It Has No Alcohol

Busch's original Dog Brew never contained alcohol. Indeed, the canine-compatible beverage didn't even have hops or malts. Instead, it simulated beer by combining pork bone broth, vegetables, water, herbs, and spices into a magical potion of a beer-like doggie drink.

Similarly, Busch's new Turkey Brew skips the alcohol for more dog-approved ingredients such as bone-in turkey, sweet basil, sweet potato, turmeric, peppermint leaves, and ginger.

The Dogs Were Clamoring For New Brew

Krystyn Stowe, who works as Anheuser-Busch's head of marketing in Busch Family Brands, says that American dogs were begging for a new Busch beer.

"Our fans' reaction to Busch Dog Brew's release in 2020 inspired us to keep the momentum going and release our newest flavor for pups to enjoy just in time for the holidays," she explained.

Indeed, the original Busch Light Dog Brew sold out in 24 hours when it launched in 2020, according to Busch. But the company expects this iteration to last a bit longer.

You Can Buy Turkey Brew Now

Busch Light Turkey Brew is available at the Anheuser-Busch Shop Beer Gear website for just $15 per four 12-ounce cans. The artwork for the product currently features the image of a winner of a March contest in which Busch fans submitted their best photos of their doggo friends. In this case, the winner was Kira, a rescue dog from Perham, Minnesota.

You Can Drink Dog Brew, Too...

...but do you want to?

"[Dog Brew is] made from bone broth, which humans consume with a lot of meals, such as soup," Busch says in its Dog Brew FAQs. "But Busch Dog Brew is specifically made for a dog's refined palate."

Translation: It may not be to everyone's tastes ... unless they're a dog. That said, your pooch pal can also now enjoy dog-appropriate ice cream, doughnuts, and Halloween costumes if they find that they don't love the latest Dog Brew. 2022 is truly the year of American dogs living their best lives.

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