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First Non-Alcoholic Mexican Beer Set To Debut In The U.S.

Non-alcoholic beverages are becoming all the rage these days. There's truly a non-alcoholic version of everything -- from whiskey to Budweiser. But there hasn't been a non-alcoholic Mexican beer just yet. Thankfully (or not, depending on your stance on non-alcoholic Mexican beer), Katrina Brewing Co. seeks to address this glaring discrepancy.

The Beer Will Come In Two Flavors

Katrina Brewing Co. -- which specializes in artisanal non-alcoholic beers -- will unveil two flavors at first: Mexican Lager and Lime & Sea Salt. The Mexican Lager will be a balanced, crisp lager fashioned with premium malt. Lima & Sea Salt is inspired by Mexican cheladas, which are traditional, spicy lime-and-beer cocktails. Both are designed to pair with Mexican foods, and both offer up year-round refreshment.

Just In Time For The Day Of The Dead

Considering that November 1 was the Mexican holiday of Día de Los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead," it's perhaps appropriate that the Katrina Brewing logo is a female "sugar skull." Sugar skulls are commonly seen on the Day of the Dead and signify the loved ones of Mexican families who have passed away. Accordingly, part of Katrina Brewing's mission is to encourage people to celebrate life with their family and friends.

Katrina Brewing Co. Celebrates Tradition And Family

The founders of Katrina Brewing Co. acknowledge that Day of the Dead and Latin American culture have made their way to the United States.

“While the Day of the Dead originated in Mexico, it’s now celebrated all over Latin America and even the United States. During the celebration, families gather to honor and remember lost loved ones in the most festive way possible. There’s food and drinks, and everyone is in party mode! Katrina, for us, is a way of symbolizing tradition, family, friends, celebration and culture,” says Katrina Brewing Co. co-founder Diana Cruz.

15 Years Of Experience

In addition to being known for its artisanal non-alcoholic beers, Katrina Brewing is notable for being Latino-owned. The married co-founders, Gofredy Salazar and Diana Cruz, offer over 15 years of experience in the food industry between them.

“We wanted to create a product that pays tribute to Mexico’s traditions and that we’d enjoy drinking ourselves,” says Salazar. “It’s a better-for-you beverage we can be proud to share with friends and family at get-togethers.”

If you'd like to taste the Mexican-made non-alcoholic beers, you can find pre-sales for both "Mexican Lager" and "Lime & Sea Salt" at

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